New ultrasonic mosquito killer


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Colour: GREEN
Style: NEW
Material: Plastic
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 41 x 41 x 114 Millimeters
Number of Pieces: 1
Is Electric: Yes
Target Species: Bed Bug, Cockroach, Cricket, Fly, Flea, Mouse, Rat, Mosquito, Ant, Spider


About this item

  • 【Mosquito repellent night lamp】: This is a mosquito repellent lamp, but also a night light, this mosquito repellent night light with mirror image sound, the back of the product has a sound hole, the use of sound encounter reflection principle obstacles. Let the sound better diffusion, play the role of noise reduction, repel mosquitoes, mites, rats, spiders, ants, bugs, cockroaches, fleas, crickets, mosquitoes, fruit flies and bedbugs.
  • 【Night lamp】At the same time this is a small night light, the light is strong when it will close, the light is dark when it will light, you only need to open it once for the first time, it’s off soft, ideal for bedroom use, but also to achieve the effect of repelling mosquitoes, will not leave pests need to clean up.
  • 【Multi-functional mosquito repellent lamp】This insect repellent night light is designed for frequency conversion, including repelling mosquitoes, mites, mice and other small insects. It is multi-functional use. The frequency changes every second. Another indication is 40 seconds a cycle of breathing. But the sensitivity of each creature to sound is different. The repellent effect is different for all different animals.
  • 【Easy to use】Plug in the power, the indicator light is on, and the product is in standby mode. Press the power button, insect repellent night light is on, the indicator is warm white; press the power button twice to turn off the night light only repellent work, the indicator turns green; press the power button a third time to turn off the power.
  • 【Product safety performance】insect repeller products are harmless to humans and dogs and cats, no radiation, please rest assured! It’s just that this sound frequency makes specific pests resentful. Just like we hear the sound of car alarms for a long time, but also revolts want to leave, is the principle of this repellent animals. Effective range 30 ㎡ (no wall cover)
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